Sitecore UrlAgent Scheduler Task Module

The UrlAgent Scheduler Task Module is similar to the Sitecore built-in UrlAgent in web.config except that there is ability to define the Urls in Sitecore and ask Scheduler Task to execute them.

This is very helpful tool and it prevents Developers to do a web.config deployment just because they wanted to add a Url.

The Module is smart enough to understand Absolute vs Relative URLs and it works with Multi-Site Solution;-);

Create a url that needs to be excuted and use “/” for relative URLS

Add the URLS to your settings
URL Agent Setting

The Scheduler Task pointing to the Url Agent Setting.
You could create another Scheduler Task in a Multisite Solution and you could also create a new Url Agent Setting and point the new Scheduler Task to your new Url Agent Setting

UrlAgent Scheduler Task

UrlAgent Scheduler Task Command
UrlAgent Scheduler Task Command

Link to Sitecore Market Place

GitHub for Sitecore UrlAgent Scheduler Task Module


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